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Commonly Asked Questions

  • Is eating ḥalāl meat in a non-Muslim restaurant permissible?

    If you have certainty that the meat is dhabīḥah ḥalāl and does not become najis when it is prepared, then it is permissible. It goes without saying, however, that if the meat is not ḥalāl you cannot eat it.

  • If someone recites any ziyārah, do they have to be in wuḍūʾ?

    It is not wājib to be in wuḍūʾ when reciting ziyārah, but it is mustaḥabb and so better to be in wuḍūʾ.

  • I have not been praying (ṣalāh) for sometime and I do not know how many I have missed; I do not know what to do about it?

    Estimate the minimum amount that you are certain and pray that amount. For example: you think you have missed ten prayers, but you know for sure, with certainty, that you have missed nine; therefore you are responsible for praying nine.

  • While doing ghusl, if a part of the body, however small, remains unwashed, is the ghusl invalid?

    One of the conditions for ghusl to be valid is that every part of the (external) body should be washed, and there should be no barriers. Therefore, if a small area remains unwashed, the ghusl is invalid. Ghusl must be performed again, as well as any of the ṣalāt prayed with the invalid ghusl.

  • Is oil a barrier for wuḍūʾ?

    Anything that obstructs the water of wuḍūʾ from penetrating (the skin) is considered a barrier; and so, if you are doubtful if something is a barrier, you must remove it first before doing wuḍūʾ.

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