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  • Q1 - I want to try to stop my sister from backbiting behind my younger sister. My younger sister is sweet and she takes care of our mom. What should I do given that she isn’t listening to me? 

    A - Salamun Alaykum May Allah bless you and your family. Your concern for your sister and wanting to guide her is indeed noble. Amr bil maroof, or inviting people towards good has different stages. You can try to show kindness and with love and care explain to her that backbiting is a sin. You can also slowly in your conversations explain to her that this is a great sin with serious consequences. If your words of guidance do not have an effect you can show your disapproval of her actions by politely excusing yourself when she engages in backbiting and make dua for her. Also at times the trigger for backbiting can be something deeper such as an unhealthy relationships between the two or jealousy. If you are able to identify that and resolve those you will have a better result.

    MoulanaOnline Aalim Team