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  • Q1 - I just want to know about my dream

    A - Bismⁱ-Hɪ Taʿālá

    as-Salāmᵘ ʿalay-kum,

    Dreams are the occurrences that we experience with our imaginal faculty.  Some dreams are true, whilst others are not.  Dreams can come from Aʟ‧ʟᴀн or an Angel and are considered “superliminal” or from the “superconscious”.  These types of dreams are meant as encouragement for the good you have done and are doing and for you to maintain that goodness and even increase it.  Or, dreams can come from your own self (nafs) and even Shayṭān, which in this case they are considered “subliminal” or from the “subconscious”.  These dreams are nothing but warnings for you to correct and rectify yourself.


    As for the dreams that occur by your own self (nafs), these are merely secondary indicators of your primary thoughts.  Most of these types of dreams are mixed-up and jumbled, and thus nonsensical and meaningless.  They are subliminal and have no importance save that it only indicates that your (waking) life itself is mixed-up and jumbled, and thus not organised.


    Not all dreams are relating to the future, either.  We are told in a ṣaḥīḥ Ḥadīth (found in the Jāmiʿ al-Bukhārī) that: “When the end of time draws near, the dream of a believer can hardly be false, and the dream of a believer is one part from forty-six parts of prophecy.” So, you can say that around or a little over 2% (2.17%) of a believer’s dream is prophetic (prophetic in the sense of relating to the future).  Other Ḥadīth have stated one part from seventy parts! (Biḥār al-ʾAnwār)


    There are conditions for dreams as well, like what is told to us in another ṣaḥīḥ Ḥadīth (again, from Jāmiʿ al-Bukhārī), that “Those of you who have the most-truthful dreams are those who are the most-truthful in their speech.” Other conditions for the veracity and truthfulness of dreams are if they occur before the time of Fajr or if they occur before the time of Ẓuhr.


    However, one certain and sure indication that you experience truthful and veracious dreams is that you experience your dream in first-person — and not in the third-person, so that you see yourself (like you would in a film).  If the former happens, then you can be certain that your dream is true, or likely to be true; however, if the latter occurs, then your dream is quite meaningless (and are of those mixed-up and jumbled subliminal self-projections).


    When it comes to interpreting dreams, however, we must be very careful and cautious.  We are told in ṣaḥīḥ Ḥadīth reports (found in ʾUṣūl al-Kāfī), that “The dream is upon what you interpret,” and, “The dream is upon what interpretation you give it.” Meaning: whatever and however you interpret your dream, it will come to be as such.  So, always make sure to interpret your dream (provided it meets the criteria of veracity) in a positive, wholesome, and good way.  This was the advice given to us by our final and belovèd Prophet Muḥam‧mad ﷺ.


    He ﷺ also said, “The dream of a believer is suspended between the Higher and the lowest realm (this world, the Dunyā) over their head [as they sleep] until they interpret it themselves or have it interpreted from someone like them.  So, when it becomes interpreted, it descends to this plane (this lowest-world, ad-Dunyā).  So, do not narrate your dreams.” (ʾUṣūl al-Kāfī)


    And so, we hope that you not only understand our hesitation and reticence in interpreting dreams, but that in the future you refrain from talking about your dreams to anyone — or even worse, have them interpreted.  Please do not share your dreams to any single person, as they are your personal and private concern, between you and your Lᴏʀᴅ; and whenever you dream — be it a good dream or even a nightmare — always think positive, trust in Aʟ‧ʟᴀн, and give ṣadaqaħ (whatever amount) in hopes that Aʟ‧ʟᴀн shall manifest the outcome to your benefit and progress.


    May Aʟ‧ʟᴀн bless you.



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