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  • Q1 - What is the punishment for apostasy in Islam? What is the reasoning behind it? 

    A - The punishment for apostasy in Islam (irtidad) depends on the context. In terms of Islamic law, all apostates become ritually impure (najis). But as for a specific punishment, it depends on context. If a person is confused, or does not know the truth, and simply flip-flops between religions, then there is no death punishment for such a person. At most, the judge may deal with such an individual on a discretionary basis.

    If a person knowingly rejects the truth but keeps his or her apostasy private, then the judgment is between him/her and God. There is no death penalty in this case.

    If a person knowingly rejects the truth and attempts to mislead others, especially in public, then such a person is to be taken to court and is to be dealt with the ruling of the court (whatever that may be). If any legal consequences on this matter would be as a result of spreading mischief to others, and not what a person actually believes.

    MoulanaOnline Aalim Team