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  • Q1 - 1. If I previously made the intention to stay away from a particular act that I thought was a sin at the time, but I later realize that it is not a sin, am I breaking a promise/covenant with Allah swt if I do the act?2. Also, if I was not raised with the knowledge that backbiting is haram (though within the fitrah it is clear it is not a good thing to do), and I backbit many people when I was younger because it was a kind of norm at school, but now I have repented to Allah and sought His forgiveness, do I have to seek forgiveness from each person I backbit to be forgiven by Allah? 

    A - 1. If you did not do proper oath with intention of qasam then it is okay and you will have no kaffarah. 2. It is good to seek general forgiveness from those around you, for example you can say its thursday night please forgive me if i have done anything wrong to any of you in a group setting.

    MoulanaOnline Aalim Team